Core Judo Coaching in Schools


At Core Judo, we run a professional judo coaching service in schools, with our own syllabus designed to help your child reach their potential in judo. We run schools judo development tournaments and team events. Our development led syllabus is designed to challenge and reward your child where they are able to demonstrate their knowledge in bi-annual gradings. The emphasis is on continuous learning in an environment that is fun and safe but with a focus on discipline and hard work.


We also run technical camps during every holiday period so your child can learn more judo and improve much more quickly.
Those children that really enjoy judo are encouraged to try the club classes


At core judo we have a ‘Talent Identification’ and ‘Judo Scholarship Programme’.


Whilst we believe that there is no such thing as ‘talent’, and that hard work and resilience is the key to success, we have a scheme that earmarks children with the potential to do really well in judo. These children are identified in their schools by their coach and offered a 3 month free trial in the Core Judo Academy.


On top of this, we want any child to be able to practice judo, even if they cannot afford our tuition costs. We currently have 20 students on this scheme and are open to more. If you would like to apply, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




"The Judo program that core judo has brought to our school is excellent.

Our parents have the highest regard for the program and our students are thriving."

Bob Bulloch - Head of sports ACS International School Egham


"The standard of coaching is outstanding and the coaches are totally committed to the children."

Steph Austen - PE Teacher at Bishopsgate School


Total Judo Pathway Partnership


Core Judo runs in close association with Total Judo - Run by former British and Commonwealth Champion, Charlotte Farbon. Charlotte runs an extremely successful schools judo business and has her own Judo club at Yateley Manor School. Her top players progress on to Core Judo and we have two British Champions already in 2014- Kai Evans and Christopher Beswick. Any Total Judo players interested in further judo opportunities please speak to Charlotte and we will arrange a club visit.